Why A Cotton-Free Skincare Routine can help to save The Planet

Sometimes a simple switch can have a huge impact !

According to WWF, the amount of water needed to produce one kilogram of cotton, is the same amount of water one person would drink over three years, So imagine the amount of water we waste on a single-use cotton pad.

Not only would removing them from our beauty routines reduce water wastage but think of how much less we’d be emptying our bins if we weren’t chucking a cotton pad away every time we apply our toner in the evening. Less cotton pads thrown away, equals less cotton pads going straight to landfill.

A simple alternative is our Chinchilla washable makeup remover pads, Reusable & washable make-up removal pads made of bamboo fiber and organic cotton in a wash bag with practical drawstring with metal zipper - for sustainable facial care.

They are very practical at 8cm, so more like a face cloth, they are soft on the skin but offer a little exfoliation too.

🗨️ USAGE: Moistened, dry, wet? Use like a conventional cotton pad


📦 STORAGE: Simply hang in the bag


🌿 CARE: Wash out briefly after each use to prevent the formation of bacteria

🧼 CLEANING: At up to 40 ° C in the washing machine

🗑️ DISPOSAL: On the compost or in organic waste

❌ NOTE: Discoloration may occur